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Last year, the British sports television provider „Eleven Sports“ signed a long-term distribution contract with the four TV operators in Portugal. The pioneering agreements meant that Eleven Sports achieved 100% distribution of pay-TV in Portugal. There was therefore no distribution between suppliers, as in the UK, with Sky, BT, ESPN, BBC, ITV, Eurosport and Amazon. Eleven Sports is the single point of contact for your sports TV needs in Portugal. Evaluations of a company`s distribution agreements, whether or not they are a large company, can save time and money in the long run. Of course, this list is only a short selection of important contractual terms that you will find in an international distribution agreement. These agreements should always be tailored to the individual needs of each party. It is important to note that the principles mentioned above represent the generally accepted principles of 4 types of agreements, but there is no defined legal definition for each of them. It is therefore not enough to label your contract as one of the four types of distribution agreements. Instead, the rights, obligations and obligations of the parties with respect to exclusivity and the territory in question must be clearly defined in the contract.

Distribution agreements give a distributor the right and obligation to sell and market the supplier`s products. This is a win-win situation for both the supplier and the distributor: for a fee or commission, the distributor markets the product so that the supplier does not have to worry about how it puts the right hands on its products. These agreements are also known as product distribution and distribution rights agreements. We also find that some of our customers inadvertently circumvent their agreements between distributors, which means that two different distributors are exclusive in the same region, which can lead a supplier to immediately violate both agreements. – that the merchant will only sell certain types of goods. A distribution agreement, also known as a distribution agreement, is a contract between a product supplier and another company that markets and markets the products. The distributor undertakes to purchase products from the supplier company and sell them to customers in certain geographic areas. Many distribution agreements contain a clause providing for what the distributor receives for the sale of the product, as well as a commission based on the number of products sold. Commissions give the distributor an additional incentive to sell the supplier`s product as much as possible. The distributor receives a percentage of the total turnover, so the more it sells, the more money both parties earn. The company manufactures and markets the products listed in Section 1 .c (the „products“). The distributor wishes to acquire the products from the company for resale in the areas or geographical areas covered in Section 1.b (the „territory“).

The company wishes to appoint the distributor as the exclusive distributor of the products in the territory and the distributor wishes such an appointment under the terms of this agreement, including all parts or schedules attached to it. Exclusive distribution is the case where the supplier agrees to sell the goods under the agreement only to the trader in a given territory and undertakes not to enter into contracts with other distributors or, importantly, not to sell the corresponding goods directly to other customers located in the same territory. – that the distributor buys a minimum amount of goods from the supplier. Suppliers who use channel partners as part of their distribution network can use a one- or two-step distribution channel. In a one-step distribution system, the provider develops relationships with channel companies such as VARs, System Integrators (SIs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) — which sell to end customers. In a two-tier system, the supplier sells products to an independent distributor who in turn supplies products to channel partners who then package solutions for end customers.