Ibew 1245 Labor Agreement

[Contact form to=`organizers@ibew1245.com object=`arrange a request via the website`] [contact field label=`name` type=`name` required=`1`/] [Contact field label=`Personal email` type=`email`/] [Contact field label=`Personal Phone` type=`text`/] [Contact field label=`Where do you work?` type=`textarea`/] [/contact form] If a PG&E complaint is resolved at the higher levels of the appeal procedure, this will set a precedent for future interpretations of the PG&E contract. Delegates can use these precedent-breaking decisions to defend members` rights in the event of similar problems. Virtually all of these previous documents (more than 8,000 of them!) can be found in alphabetical order in IBEW1245`s PG&E online document library. Local 1245 offers a variety of stock exchange options at the beginning of each year. Click here to view the stock exchange options. .