Long Term Cooperation Agreement

„The construction and reconstruction of heat networks will make both the supply of heat in the Primorski region more reliable and unused capacity at the sources of the unique national company „St. Petersburg Energy and Fuel Complex,“ which will then be used to connect future residential areas,“ said Alexander BEGLOV, Governor of St. Petersburg. „The agreement is another step in optimizing unitary businesses in the city. The implementation of this project will save the city money on heat production and improve environmental conditions. The agreement also includes the development of measures to ensure a reliable supply of heat to future residential areas in the Primorski region from existing sources of heat supply (excluding the construction of new local sources), as well as improving the safety and reliability of consumers` heat supply through the construction of new heat networks for additional heat supply systems. „Russia is also interested in such cooperation for economic reasons. And the political reasons are that we believe that Iran must be an independent and autonomous state, capable of defending its national interests,“ Putin said at the time. Zarif, who is visiting Moscow, also announced that Tehran had an offer for a new „long-term agreement“ with Moscow if the Russian government was ready. The participation of the best European companies in one of the major timber and wood fairs, such as Lesdrevmash, offers them an excellent opportunity to develop business in Russia and allows russian companies and representatives not only to know the latest European achievements in wood and woodwork, but also to improve cooperation and establish a new partnership with foreign colleagues. On the basis of the „look to the East“ policy dictated by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei, the Iranian government is trying to secure long-term agreements with countries like China and Russia. At present, Iran is not allowed to sell or buy weapons on the basis of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) or the Tehran nuclear agreement with the world powers in 2015. But the same agreement calls for the end of the arms embargo on 18 October 2020.

The 20-year Tehran-Kremlin agreement, reached in March 2001 in Moscow by pro-reform presidents Mohammad Khatami and Vladimir Putin, expires in March next year. The European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS) and the AO Expocentre signed a long-term cooperation agreement at the Lesdrevmash exhibition in Hanover. However, opponents of the signing of such agreements have warned of the „destructive prospects“ of the agreements, in the face of the „secrecy and inefficiency“ of the government of the Islamic Republic. EUMABOIS` aim is to encourage European producers in the wood industry on world markets, including by participating in fairs. The Lesdrevmash support by EUMABOIS guarantees the participation of EUMABOIS members on advantageous terms.