Nvit Collective Agreement

Consent: voluntary agreement of sexual activity. A person must actively, voluntarily and continuously explain all sexual activities. Sexual acts without consent are sexual assaults. Consent is never accepted or implied; It is not silence or the absence of „no.“ Consent cannot be given by a person who is affected by alcohol or drugs or who is unconscious. Consent can never be obtained through threats or coercion and can be revoked at any time. Consent cannot be obtained if one is in a position of trust, power or authority. Coercion: if someone uses manipulative tactics such as threats, bribes, misconduct, etc. to persuade another person to have sexual activities. Disclosure: inform a person that they have witnessed an incident of sexual violence (other than complaints). NVIT Community: students, collaborators, alumni, Board of Governors as well as visitors and guests who participate in events or related to reservations of external facilities and contractors of any NVIT or common campus where NVIT courses are offered. . c.

Temporary and non-disciplinary leave of a person who allegedly committed sexual violence; and NVIT has a responsibility to reconcile the wishes of the person who has revealed an experience of sexual violence with the obligation to protect the broader NVIT community. If you support all members of the NVIT community who have experienced sexual violence, you can confide in each member of the community. A. A student may decide to disclose their experience to NVIT staff and/or the orientation centre in order to obtain any university assistance and housing that may be required; 2. Complaint: A complaint will open an investigation and/or a resolution process. Procedures under the NVIT B.2.6 Human Rights Directive govern the investigation and/or resolution process. A complaint must be filed as follows: b. Alumni and employees – a line manager, a human resources consultant or a dean; Campus and community resources to respond to sexual abuse revelations, complaints and reports will be readily available on the NVIT website, on the portal and in all campuses and communities where NVIT Policy: Sexual Violence is proposed. Information on response resources and procedures is clearly defined in service agreements for Community supplies.

Review of the Directive In order to maintain the currency and relevance of the directive, the content is reviewed and updated every three years, or if relevant social changes, resources or legal changes warrant further updates. The President will report annually to the Governing Council on the implementation of this policy.