Property Agreement Unmarried Couples

My ex-spouse and I have an apartment (50/50) where we lived together for 3 years. After we separated, he made it impossible to live during captivity, due to his abusive behavior and the invasion of privacy (through my computer, phone, social media accounts, etc.). Instead of calling an abuse hotline (as I should have done), I moved to protect myself. As the property is in common, I always pay my half of the mortgage (since I am bound by law), but I also have to pay my new rent. I want to get out of this property as fast as possible because I can`t afford to pay for an apartment where I can`t even live, but he refuses to cooperate. I want to sell, he won`t. But it reminds me all the time that I have to keep paying. He also opened my email several times without my permission. I want to be as civil as possible and avoid abuse, but he supports me against a wall. My question is: What are my rights? Do I have the right to sell my half without his consent? Is there a way to ask him to pay me a „professional rent“ for half the mortgage, because I can`t live there? Thanks in advance Perhaps the biggest problem overlooked when buying a home as an unmarried couple, is how it can create a balance in the balance of power in your personal relationship. Real estate agreements can be as complex as you need them, but most cover all the uncomfortable situations and little things associated with them: Today, more and more couples live together before getting married and many live together indefinitely without even getting married. Most unmarried couples collect a lot of common property, but ignore how the property is shared when the relationship ends.

The reality is that no matter how long the relationship is involved, the law continues to effectively treat the couple as separated persons without rights or duties when the relationship ends. A real estate contract can be complicated, especially if you are not married and have a lot of assets. A good family lawyer can help you design a full ownership contract so that it is legally applicable. In addition, if you have a real estate contract, and you think it is not being respected, you should contact an experienced lawyer to help you enforce the agreement. I`ve been living with my partner in his house for 15 years, which is just his name. We just split up and I wondered if I was entitled to some of the value for the time we were living together.