Richardson International Collective Agreement

18. Full agreement. This agreement, which is considered to be the confidentiality policy of the Richardson International Group, as well as all other Richardson International Group policies that are published from time to time on the site, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties regarding the use of the site, and this agreement replaces all other agreements between the parties in this matter. All other conditions, guarantees or other provisions relating to the site, implicitly or implicitly included by the common law or by law, are excluded to the extent most permitted by law. 17. Connection IDs. Parts of the site can only be accessed by users who have had a login name and password (a whole „Credentials“) issued by the Richardson International Group. To access the site, registration information remains the property of Richardson International Group and may be terminated or suspended at any time by Richardson International Group, at its sole discretion, without notice or liability to you or any other person. The Richardson International Group is not required to verify the identity or actual authority of a person who uses information about access and use of the site. The Richardson International Group can respond to any communication given with the use of credentials. If you have received registration information: (i) you are fully responsible and responsible for the security of the deposit information and any misuse and misuse of the deposit information; (ii) They will keep login information safe and confidential at all times and will not disclose login information to other people or allow another person to use login information; and (iii) You immediately the Richardson International Group by email if you know or suspect that registration information has been lost or stolen or has been disclosed by another person or is being used by another person.

6. Costs of production computers and other tools. Some parts of the site may include the costs of production computers and other online tools (together „Tools“) that can help you in your planning. However, hypothetical results have many inherent constraints. For example, there are many factors that cannot be fully taken into account when establishing hypothetical results, each of which may have a negative influence on actual results, including weather conditions, plant production and plant quality, global agricultural commodity prices and markets, credit risk, currency risk, changes in government policy and transport deregulation, international trade issues, global political and economic conditions, including subsidies and tariffs on cereals from the United States and the European Union. The results generated by the tools are not professional advice or the approval or recommendation of a strategy or system given by the Richardson International Group. You recognize that the tools are only an analytical tool and are not intended to replace your own individual research or obtaining independent professional advice or the application of your own judgment. As with the rest of the site, the tools are provided „as we see it.“ All information, results and forecasts generated by the tools are provided without guarantee of performance, fitness, market and/or other guarantees, whether they exist explicitly or implicitly. All direct or indirect risks associated with the use of the tools are entirely at the expense. You recognize and accept that you take full responsibility for making your own business decisions based on your own assessment of your goals, risk propensity, venture capital, expertise and experience, whether as a producer or otherwise.