Section 3.8(B) Of The Paid Applications Agreement

We couldn`t find a link to your terms of use either in the app description or in the License Agreement section of App Store Connect. 🚨🚨🚨So an updated Apple Developer Program deal and the oppressive language around subscription paywalls has been backed down. Item 3.8 (b) of Schedule 2 has been completely rewritten to charge only the title, length and price. Good news for subscription developers perhaps manage the subscription in the domain of parents of our children`s app? Do you like playing 🐈 and 🐁? You may not be able to beat the best players like Netflix, but try. Apple prohibits you from guiding your users of your app to another payment method. Now that you know the rule, it offers a variety of possible refusals. So, in every web view of your app, you can have a logo or menu that, after a few clicks, leads to a payment section of your app to subscribe to it. Your users will probably never find it, but why miss an opportunity to mislead critics. Well, the guys at Cupertino are pretty good at this game, but have you tried the conditions section? Directive 3.1.2 – Business – Payments – Subscriptions We found that your app and its metadata do not fully meet the automatic subscription renewal requirements, as stated in Section 3.8 (b) of Schedule 2 of the Paid Apps Agreement. Binary App We couldn`t find all the necessary information in your app.

Please note that adding the following information to a modal warning is not enough. The information must also be displayed in the app itself, and it must be displayed clearly and visibly during the purchase flow, without the need for additional action from the user (for example. B opening a link). – Information about the automatically renewable nature of the subscription in your app`s binary file: – Publication or service titles – Subscription duration (period and content or services provided during each subscription period) – Subscription price, and unit price if appropriate – Payment is billed to the iTunes account in case of confirmation of purchase – Subscription automatically extends, unless automatic renewal is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the current period – The account is debited for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the extension – Subscriptions can be managed by the user and automatic renewal can be disabled by going to the user`s account settings after purchase – No unused portion of a free test period if offered , expires if the user buys a subscription to this post, if any – A link to your app`s terms of use – A link to the privacy policy in your App Store information We have not been able to find the following App Store information items in App Store Connect.