Staples Center Sponsorship Agreement

EL SEGUNDO and LOS ANGELES, April 14, 1999DIRECTV, Inc. and STAPLES Center announced today that DIRECTV, the country`s leading digital television service, has signed an agreement to become the tenth and final founding partner of Staples Center. As part of the agreement, DIRECTV will install more than 1,000 television sets that will present DEV programs – including four high-definition television monitors – at Staples Center. Each of the Arena`s 160 luxury suites has three TVs offering a full range of DIRECTV programs, including a variety of cable channels and professional sports subscriptions. Fans who enjoy the games of the luxury suites can catch all the NBA and NHL actions of both leagues on DIRECTV, while seeing the Los Angeles Kings, Lakers or Clippers against each other at Staples Center. „As a local company with headquarters in South Bay and our new Los Angeles distribution center opening this year, DIRECTV is a founding partner of another state-of-the-art project in Los Angeles, the Staples Center, which is to become the world`s leading sports and entertainment center in the world. said Bill Casamo, EXECUTIVE vice president of DIRECTV. „The arena will be fully integrated with DIRECTEV technology and programming to deliver the ultimate fan experience. Our partnership with the STAPLES Center is our most comprehensive sponsorship of event venues to date, and it`s an excellent showcase of what our product and technology bring to the world of sport and entertainment. „Our partnership with DIRECTV will allow us to build the most technologically advanced arena in the country,“ said Timothy J. Leiweke, President of the STAPLES Center. „The access of our luxury suite owners to the programming provided by DIRECTV will revolutionize the suite experience we can offer our customers.

No other arena in the world will be able to offer the entertainment opportunities that our fans will have thanks to the technology that DIRECTV will provide. The sponsorship package includes: video screens in the three entrance halls of the arena, as well as an outdoor video display in the public area; Permanent signage visible in halls and seating areas; Promotion opportunities with the Los Angeles Kings; and presence on the Staples Center website.