Webmaster Agreement

A website can be created for each official university unit. These include academic and administrative departments as well as officially sanctioned organizations. To request a website, please print the form below and send it to Web Services at webmaster@southalabama.edu: After requesting your website, you will receive a webmaster account for the person responsible for developing and maintaining the site`s content. The webmaster application must be approved by the department head or dean. To complete a request to add or modify the webmaster, click on the link below and submit your request. It really depends on the content. Will it just be text and images? Will Code be involved? With my clients, we usually arrive and agree on the number of updates to the site. Not sure that`s an option for you. Also be very careful when someone says webmaster. It`s a bit of an outdated term. Good luck GENERAL. This webmaster agreement (`contract`) is a written agreement between Sanderson Marketing, LLC and the Customer.

In accepting this agreement, each party undertakes to be bound and to fulfill the following conditions of this contract. It`s easy. For a „contract webmaster“ you pay them, no matter what rate you agree. You can hire people around the world who work at different rates of pay. If you want someone on site, you have to pay the local standard rate. Many people in North America will want to receive $60 to $120 an hour for software updates or $20 to $50 an hour for „content updates“ (text updates, images, photos, etc.). On the other hand, if you place them on a monthly basis („on contract“) and promise to register for 1 year, the rates could be very low. To add a backup user or an assistant to the site`s webmaster, you can request additional access. It is recommended that each site have two authorized users.

Additional users need special permission for web services, and your department may be charged annually for the additional fee. The staff requirement must be approved by the website`s webmaster. To complete a request for an addition or change of staff, click on the link below and submit your application. 13. CONDITIONS SUPPLÉMENTAIRES AND CONDITIONS The customer hereafter acknowledges that he has received and verified a copy of webmasters. The policy of COM`s service uses and the terms of the Service Use Directive are included as a reference. WEBMASTERS.COM reserves the right to change the terms of use from time to time and the Customer is bound by these changes. Customers are required to visit www.webmasters.com/policy.htm on a regular basis to verify their service usage policies and to ensure that the customer fully respects it.

If there is an inconsistency between this agreement and the service`s use policy, the terms of the service use policy apply. 14. OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION AND NOTE All formal communications between WEBMASTERS.COM and customers, as well as communications under this agreement, are made by e-mail. The customer must send all official notifications and communications to WEBMASTERS.COM to the email address.