What Is Grant Agreement Number

3.1 The direct costs of the action eligible for Union funding will be reduced to […] EUR estimated. Indirect costs are reduced to […] EUR and declared eligible on the basis of a flat rate of […] % of the total eligible direct costs. The total eligible cost of the action shall be estimated at […], as indicated in the financial situation of the action in single form. Here, the total amount of the direct and indirect costs of the action according to session 10.1 of the individual form is indicated. Indirect costs must never exceed 7% of direct costs. The total eligible costs shall be the sum of the direct costs + indirect costs of the action and should be indicated in section 10.1 of the uniform form and in the financial situation aligned with it. 3.2 The European Union undertakes to […] EUR, which shall be […] % of the estimated total eligible costs referred to in Article 3(1) of this Agreement. The EC financial contribution shall be expressed as a maximum amount and as a percentage of the estimate of the total eligible costs referred to in Article 3(1). The percentage varies according to the financing arrangements applicable to the action (total or partial funding). 3.3 The final amount of the Union contribution shall be determined in accordance with Article 18.8 of the General Conditions. Article 18.8 of the General Conditions stipulates that the final amount of the grant will be determined taking into account the situation: The reference number assigned to a specific grant agreement (e.B. ECHO/AFG/BUD/2014/9101), must be indicated by the partner in all communications and contains the following information: signature of a grant agreement and how payments are made.

Interim and final payments are subject to the execution of the project. It is important to report on the progress of your project in accordance with the reporting schedule set out in the grant agreement. As an applicant, you may need to follow a number of steps at this stage: if ECHO decides to award a specific grant for the implementation of a humanitarian action, echo will send the partner 2 copies of the Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) based on the template in Annex I &nbsp of the APP (available below). and, where appropriate, adapted to the circumstances. .